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Swiss Credit Center – Contribution payments

Swiss Credit Center - Contribution payments

Let us come to another well-known card in the pictures: This is the Good Finance Card; The travelers checks of the same name are also popular and are often used on trips, since in the event of a break-in in practice, a replacement check is usually received within 24 hours. Even the term “I’m just writing a traveller’s check” is a common symbol for the term “Amex”.

In 1964, this payment method was used throughout Germany and since then the range of different cards has prevailed. The business card is known beyond the national borders under the term “Amex Card”. The ‘Amex’ can combine many advantages, as mentioned at the beginning, but we will limit ourselves to one important point: the acceptance of this bank card.

In addition, there is the variable design of the card itself: from the blue card to the classic Good Finance to the gold card or the platinum card – these customer cards are tailored for a large number of credit card applications. So before you make your choice, you can decide which of the credit card types suits you best; no matter whether you are a student, a professional or another interested party.

You could all ask yourself which of the credit card products fits under the keywords “I travel a lot around the world” or “I like shopping – and then shopping online and at home and abroad”. Deciding which card to buy is almost impossible – but luckily, it is possible to immediately accept the credit card online.

As already mentioned, interest on check cards remains extremely interesting and has sometimes been taken for granted by consumers. They are published by a variety of companies, and by far the most famous Good Finance brand is one of the most famous. In the past, an Good Finance was primarily seen as a payment instrument for the rich, but the time when this clichéd word might have been justified is long gone.

Depending on the equipment of the system, the customer has various functions available – more or less additional services depending on the customer’s requirements. In addition, there are various cooperation agreements with cooperation partners from the automotive industry. Anyone who has found their way into the world history of Good Finance with the Blue Card will discover the possibilities of general cash supply on the whole world map and access to exclusive offers in addition to the self-evident payment function.

In addition, all Blue Card holders also participate in the member reward program. The Good Finance Card – the classic credit card product – not only offers the advantages of the blue card, but also various insurance options such as traffic accident insurance. If you need any assistance on your journey, Good Finance can provide assistance around the world and around the clock.

The gold card is ideal for frequent flyers. Of course, like everyone else, the owner of the gold card collects points for membership rewards. Gold card holders can also transfer these directly to other bonus systems that work with Good Finance to get attractive rewards even faster.

The platform platinum card continues:

Here the service package has been expanded again and now also includes comprehensive insurance for the rental of a rental car or the so-called Priority Pass. Good Finance AG provides its customers with various credit card products. This can be seen in the depot; the Express Card among them is the classic representative of the association.

The worldwide cashless payment and the high security level make the Good Finance Card the perfect travel companion for everyone. You can secure a variety of services with the card. A 24-hour service and travel comfort insurance awaits the credit card holder. Overbooking and delays in luggage are covered by Amex. A specialty is the gold card.

There is travel cancellation insurance, travel health insurance abroad and Europe-wide motor insurance. With the so-called Golden Assistant, a worldwide information and assistance service is available.  Several hundred thousand express ATMs are freely available around the world. The credit card is particularly recommended for business travelers. Special conditions with airline and hotel partners are also among the special advantages of the gold card.

The Good Finance platinum card is also of interest. Access to several hundred airport lounges, participation in status programs as well as the hotel and car rental partner program make the platform an exceptional credit fund. Good Finance is responsible for planning and executing the trips. The reward and bonus points membership enables you to earn points. Account data can be accessed quickly and conveniently online.

This makes the company extremely versatile throughout Switzerland.

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