Student loan – what is it?


When you search the Web for interesting texts on the subject of “student loans”, you usually come across offers of payday loans, loans, which are often difficult for students to pay back.

It is worth knowing, however, that students can also take advantage of a loan partially subsidized by the state, which is granted on very favorable terms. The state assumes partial interest repayment, so this type of student loan is much cheaper than ordinary consumer credit.

Student loan for teaching aids and professional development

Student loan for teaching aids and professional development

Studies at state universities are free in Poland. However, maintaining a living in large university centers may entail considerable costs. Considerable expenses are also incurred by those students who want to acquire additional qualifications and finance their own resources, aids and courses and workshops. Parental support is not always enough.

How much does a student loan cost and who is entitled to it?

How much does a student loan cost and who is entitled to it?

Student loan is granted for the duration of studies, for a total of 6 years (in the case of continuing education at doctoral studies for 10 years). Subsequent tranches are paid monthly for 10 months of the academic year. Student loans do not have to be repaid immediately after graduation. The graduate has two years to stabilize his financial standing after graduation. The condition for applying for a student loan at your university is adequate monthly income per capita in the student’s family.

It is therefore necessary to provide the bank in which the student wants to take out a student loan, relevant documents specifying the family status of the family, as well as certificates on the basis of which the bank will be able to assess the creditworthiness and the ability to secure the loan repayment. It will also be necessary to establish a guarantor. 

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