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Hotmail Login

Hotmail login is the process for you to access your email account. Remember that the official website for you to access is

So after you access login will open a page with the login and password fields to fill you with your Hotmail credentials.

Fill in correctly with your email and password and click enter to enter directly into your Hotmail inbox.




You can also login by the official application of this email server. For this you must access your app store according to your operating system on your smartphone.

So after accessing your Store Store App Store or App Store search for Microsoft Hotmail login, download the application and install on your mobile phone and start using the features of Microsoft’s mobile email, the Hotmail login.

You can also download the application to Windows Phone users. The process is the same, go to your apps store and proceed as recommended above to install the application. login

Hotmail login

Hotmail login

Although it is possible to Hotmail login through an official Microsoft application you can also see your emails accessing your account through the browser on your mobile device.

The procedure is simple: Access your mobile browser, then type login and access the “login” field, now fill in the login and password fields as previously taught.

Just remember you should check if the site you are accessing is the official Check this information with the presence of the green lock in the url, this indicates that the site is secure.

Do not worry if you notice that the site you are accessing is, because Microsoft migrated login with making it a webmail service only.

Hotmail login account with Skype login login

Who does not remember the old MSN chat? Because it is now with the new login you can access all the features of this chat in one place. As already known by all the old MSN chat is now called Skype.

That is, when you access Hotmail login automatically you will be accessing Skype. In simple words, Skype is integrated into the inbox.

After you login you will see at the top right the Skype chat icon, access this link and enjoy all Skype features directly from your Hotmail inbox.

As you already know with Skype you can conduct text conversation, video call and more. Check everything now by going to has one of the very interesting features for those who make use of the webmail service, it is the option “undo sending of emails”.

In other words, if you mistakenly send an email or if you repent of being sent simply undo the sending and your recipient will not receive your message.

The process is simple, just go to the settings option located at the top right (a small gearbox), then go to the “cancel sending email” option. To finish you must choose how many seconds this option can be undone, after configure click save to apply the settings in your Hotmail email login. login

We show a lot of settings about Hotmail, now if you do not have an active account we will show you how to create one in a few steps.

First go to login, now click on the “create account” option. It will open a page with some fields to fill, just put your registration information correctly and follow the other steps and you will have a free account at login.

If you have any questions or suggestions about Hotmail that we need to add in this matter send us a message accessing the contact field.

We hope you enjoy our article on Hotmail.



Hotmail Login
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